AG JLC in Karlsruhe

The AG Karlsruhe consists of 18 students and graduants.


Meetings are held monthly to discuss current issues. Our most recent project was the organization of the first of two "Bundestreffen" in 2012 which took place in Karlsruhe.

A "Bundestreffen" is a reunion at which representatives from all the sites from all over Germany gather to exchange ideas and to discuss current issues.

In addition we are active as reporters at the AG at federal level where we periodically write articles for the magazine "Lebensmittelchemie" that is released six times a year.

Furthermore we introduce ourselves to the first semester's students and those who join our institute for the main study period to widen our circle.
For further information regarding studies in Karlsruhe check us out at Lebensmittelchemie am KIT.

If you would like to contact us just mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .