AG JLC in Münster

Welcome to the website of the AG JLC Münster.

In our beautiful city Food Chemistry has a long tradition dating back to the year 1899 in which Josef König established Food Chemistry as an independent discipline. Our institute now offers places for 35 Bachelor students and 25 Master students per year. Our current full Professors are Dr. Humpf (research areas: mycotoxins and bioactive food compounds) and Dr. Esselen (natural occurring food carcinogens, bioactive food compounds and nutriepigenomics). For further information please contact us or visit the website

Department 12 – Food Chemistry

Corrensstraße 45

48149 Münster

Phone: 0251/ 83-33391



In Münster the Young Food Chemists’ association consists of students and doctoral candidates from university, young professionals and trainees of the second state examination. Our approximately 40 members hold a monthly meeting to exchange ideas, discuss current topics or concerns, and to plan activities and events. Workshops and excursions are offered to interested students from our department. Furthermore we support events of our institute, such as conferences and open house days, and cooperate with the YoungChemists’ Forum Münster. However apart from these important tasks we also coordinate free time activities so don’t miss out!

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