The Young Food Chemists’ Association is part of the German Society of Food Chemistry (a division of the German Chemical Society), which represents young Food Chemists and their interests in all fields of training and professional work. Furthermore we offer the possibility for networking beyond the own university.
Everyone - no matter if student, Ph.D. student or legal trainee - can participate. Even during the first 3 years of professional life one is allowed to be part of our community. 

Advantages of a membership, respectively of the Young Food Chemists’ Association

You will get to know many new people outside your university and you will get access to our established information network. Using our internal forum you are informed on the most important topics and you are able to directly discuss with all members.
As a member of the a division of the German Chemical Society you will enjoy various benefits including career service, congresses and vocational training, journals, stipends, mentoring and you will get every month the journal “Nachrichten aus der Chemie”.
If you are joining the German Society of Food Chemistry as well, you will receive additionally 6 times per year the journal “Lebensmittelchemie”. Herein you will find news of great relevance for our branch and information on other institutes. 
The German Society of Food Chemistry is the greatest section within the German Chemical Society and receives constantly input from its committed members. Join now!

Become a member

You are interested in our activities and want to become a member of the Young Food Chemists’ Association? Just contact the members at your university. They will answer all your questions and will provide information concerning the further procedure.
If there is no contact available at your university or you want to introduce an additional location, feel free to contact one of our elected chairmans. 

Membership fees

In order to enjoy all advantages, you need to become a member of the German Chemical Society. As long as you are a student member or a member on training, you only pay annually 30 Euro. The membership fee for the German Society of Food Chemistry is 20 Euro per year.
If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact German Chemical Society membership service which will supply you with further information.